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Boon Castle Take Indian Talent to the US

First Time ever – Indian English Singing artistes in Hollywood

Boon Castle @ MUSEXPO2018

May 2, 2018: Boon Castle Media & Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. – Mumbai based media company established presence at the premier trade expo, MUSEXPO along with a showcase of 2 of its English singing artistes amongst an audience comprising the who’s who of the music industry in the US.


Prathamesh Tambe, already nominated for the Jack Daniel’s Best Emerging Artist category in India rocked the premium crowds over the executive lunch at MUSEXPO generating loud curiosity and interest amongst them.  His soul stirring music which is existence proving, eccentrically psychedelic yet simple as a lullaby got the audience asking for more. 


The evening showcase of Sayantika Ghosh (Geology student from the premier IIT in India) established the English singing mettle of Indian artistes.  Sayantika has always had an overactive imagination with an overt love for fantasy and science fiction because “they talk about worlds, very different from our own. But you know what, we can all find our fairy tales, right here in reality, if we look hard enough. Or sometimes, when we least expect it, we fall into a rabbit-hole of endless and unimaginable possibilities. Our dreams and fantasies are our own twisted versions of our ever so twisted realities. If you dream hard enough, your life will eventually turn into a fairy tale. I know I can do that, and the power of art and creation and imagination is to alchemise something so mundane, into treasure. I will bring you your treasure through my music and you will see the world as I see it - a whirlpool of wonders. Reality might try to snap me out of it, but my journey will never end and I will forever keep on dreaming”.


True to her nature as described above in her own words, Sayantika’s music is alternative pop and took the fancy of synch and radio for the heavily competitive US market. 


India is here to rule and Boon Castle Is here to ensure that by taking our own Indian talent to the global platform and paving the path for them to share the stage with the best of the best.  At the same time, Boon Castle is creating opportunities for international talent to tap the highly lucrative Indian market and creating an interesting connect between India and the world. 


Springboard Records, a division of Boon Castle Media & Entertainment is a genre and language agnostic label to define the new language of global music.  Prathamesh Tambe and Sayantika Ghosh, amongst several other artistes are signed up with Springboard Records which will create history in times to come !


Ashish Manchanda, founder Boon Castle says “The time is ripe for India to come centre stage in the global scenario.  While there has always been great talent in this country, there has never been an institutionalization creating a strong foundation and backing support to help talent find its rightful place in the busy markets we live in.  Boon Castle ensures that Indian talent shares the stage with the best in the world and we are here to take our kids to the highest platform to establish them in the world space.”

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